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Nouritress Follicle Therapy

Nouritress Follicle Therapy

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Description: We could all use a little therapy, even those roots hunny! Give your hair the nurturing it deserves with this custom blend of essential oils and nutrients made to improve scalp health and give your hair a fighting chance to grow. 

2 oz.

NouriTress Follicle Therapy's cutting-edge formula is designed to revolutionize your hair care routine, promoting optimal scalp health and stimulating hair growth for the gorgeous hair you've always dreamed of.

Key Benefits:

  • REVITALIZES YOUR SCALP: Our scalp serum treatment is packed with essential nutrients and natural botanical extracts that breathe new life into your scalp. It nourishes and rejuvenates, creating the perfect environment for hair to thrive.
  • STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH: Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to fuller, thicker tresses. NouriTress Perfect hair Follicle Therapy is formulated with botanical ingredients like Rosemary, Sage, and Nettle, which work together to stimulate hair follicles and encourage robust hair growth.
  • STRENGTHENS AND FORTIFIES: Weak, brittle hair is a thing of the past. This scalp serum strengthens hair from the root, reducing breakage and promoting overall hair resilience. Say hello to healthier, more resilient strands.
  • SOOTHES AND CALMS: Itchy or irritated scalp? Not anymore. NouriTress Follicle Therapy Scalp Serum Treatment formulated with Peppermint Oil, soothes and calms, relieving discomfort and creating a balanced, comfortable scalp environment.
  • EASY APPLICATION: The convenient dropper allows for precise application directly to your scalp. Massage it in, and let the serum work its magic.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you have straight, curly, or coily hair, NouriTress Follicle Therapy Scalp Treatment Serum is designed for everyone. It's gentle yet effective, catering to a wide range of hair needs.

Experience the confidence that comes with having healthy, beautiful hair. NouriTress Follicle Therapy Scalp Treatment Serum is your partner on the journey to revitalized, head-turning hair.

Don't wait any longer to achieve the hair of your dreams. Elevate your hair care regimen with NouriTress Follicle Therapy Scalp Treatment Serum today, and let your hair flourish like never before. Say goodbye to hair woes and hello to a more vibrant, radiant you.

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