A lot has changed over the years; much more remains constant.  Since opening our doors in 2009, we have welcomed and tended to the tresses of countless men, women, and children.  While the décor has evolved and styles may change, we hold fast to the mantra,Healthy Hair First.  Braids, locs, twists, and thangs are our art; as artists, we must begin our work on well-cared for canvases.  We approach each client and their needs with the understanding that great hair begins within.  With that said, appointments at our salon are whole body experiences, moments of lively transformation.  From the Initial Consultation to the Aftercare Consultation ( home regiment, relevant dietary concerns,Q&A ), we understand that healthy hair is a sign of a healthy you.  As well, we know that laughter is the heart’s delight; a good time is had by all anytime you’re inourchair.  More than a business, we are connected—a family.  AtIt’s a Natural Thang, we have grown and are growing; we invite you to share in this growth.

Rayna P. Nash

For Rayna P. Nash, hair care has always been about serving the needs of her community.  As a high school student in the late nineties, she answered the call of male friends and family looking to have their manes cornrowed.  From there, dormmates at Agnes Scott College in Decatur relied on Rayna to keep their strands chemically stress-free and fly.  For the classically trained pianist, the notion that natural hair could be her life’s calling came rather naturally.  Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, Rayna earned her Cosmetology license from Atlanta Technical College in 2008.  In a relatively short time, Ms. Nash’s passion for healthy hair has taken her from hobbyist to committed businesswoman; It’s a Natural Thang is the outpouring of that love.

A creative and health-conscious spirit, Rayna P. Nash’s goal is to assist her clients on their journeys toward whole-body wellness.  With them and in direct relation to the health of their hair, she discusses diet, water intake, juicing, and daily maintenance.  She strives to use products that are 100% natural and often, organic.  Though much of her practice is informed by the needs and desires of her growing clientele, Rayna draws inspiration from her travels, as well.  This first generation West Indian-American has an innate appreciation for beauty’s broad spectrum and has explored the cultures of every continent except Antarctica and Asia.  Some of her favorite locales include Dunkerque, France; Brussels, Belgium; Bruggs, Belgium; Lagos, Nigeria; The Solomon Islands; Melbourne Australia; St. Croix; Toronto, Canada; London, England; Panama City, Panama; Barcelona, Spain; The Canary Islands; The Caribbean; and Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Looking toward tomorrow, Rayna envisions building a team of stylists, working internationally, and hosting popup salons in various locales.  In the meantime, she continues practicing her passion and welcoming us into her world.

Camille McAdams

Camille McAdams learned from the best; her mother and Aunties are salon owners and highly regarded beauticians.  Fifteen years ago, Camille began braiding hair.  Today, she does much more.  The 2012 cosmetology graduate (Atlanta Technical College) is perfecting kinky twists, learning loc maintenance, and helping clients cultivate healthy hair practices.  Camille’s quiet strength, however, is the manner in which she moves with our younger clientele.  Warm and welcoming, children are put at ease under Camille’s careful hand.  Such an attribute is well-placed as she works toward her Nursing Degree, to be completed in the spring of 2016.