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Nouritress Make It Fuller

Nouritress Make It Fuller

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Fake it til you make it! Designed to disguise thinning hair, this formula mimics the texture of curly, natural hair to make your mane appear all the way together, even when it’s on the thin side. Combine this with our ER Drops and Hair Vitamins to keep your thinning hair a secret while it grows and thickens.


Make It Fuller Hair Building Fibers is made with all natural ingredients, to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Our Proprietary Advanced Formula has been designed with curly hair in mind; its texture mimics curly hair to make it invisible to the eye. Other products applied to curly hair appear powdery and unnatural, creating a dull, painted look on the hair. Make It Fuller Hair Fibers are crafted from Keratin Protein fibers to closely resemble natural curly hair, providing volume and fullness.

Our Proprietary Advanced Formula has superior quality because Make It Fuller Hair Fibers provides full coverage and is designed to create a strong attachment to the hair strand thus allowing the fibers to stay attached to the hair and become resistant to perspiration, wind or rain.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non Irritating to Scalp
  • Friendly to Sensitive Scalp
  • Unique formulation to resemble Real Curly Hair Texture
  • Stays in Regardless of Sweat, Rain or Wind
  • Available in 3 Colors (Black, Dark Brown, Med. Brown)
  • Guranteed to not Stain and Run or you Money Back!
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